Being prepared is very important for the success of your business, these simple 3 steps guides you towards preparedness.

Getting your business marketing strategies ready for 2015 is very important. Starting to  prepare during the last month of the year would give you time to get what you need, follow the needed steps and make the needed adjustments to get your business prepared for 2015. Here are 3 simple steps you can follow to help your business be ready. First, evaluating the successes from the current year. Second, preparing for the upcoming trends of 2015 and last, having a successful marketing plan that can really make a difference.

First, it is very important to evaluate what you have done throughout 2014. Evaluate what marketing efforts have worked, how many new clients were acquired  and which methods were used to get this new clients. It is also important to evaluate the marketing strategies that did  not bring the expected results. Think about what happened and why these strategies did not worked. Do an overall valuation of your marketing strategies and marketing tools. Such strategies could include, marketing tools like direct mail, websites, mobile optimize websites, online marketing, emailing marketing, etc. The key here is to keep using the marketing strategies that were successful and reevaluate or replace the ones that did not work. When you are finished with this evaluations to move to step number two.

Step number two is to prepare. After evaluating the marketing strategies and tools used during 2014, it is time to prepare and get ready. Being prepared entitles to have the right tools ready. Marketing tools as important as a website must be tightly prepare for the market trends of 2015. Every year searches on mobile devices is increasing tremendously, which leads to the trend of multi screen websites, meaning that your customers will be able to easily navigate your website regardless of the device they use: computers, tablets or smartphones. Therefore, on this example you should ask yourself is my business website optimized to be seeing on the screen size of devices like a mobile device or a tablet? The simplest way to check is to use your own the smart phone or tablet to test it. If you do not have one you can you can go to this link and check it.  Having your website mobile optimized it is not longer an option. It is extremely important and should be part of the marketing tools that you should be prepare for 2015. In brief, the main goal in preparedness is to have all the necessary marketing tools for your business in 2015. It is very important to be ready for today’s market and today’s trends and make sure that all your marketing efforts matches the trends of 2015. Get your business ready for the market expectations of 2015.

Step three is where the marketing planning begins. Once you have evaluated your past marketing efforts, and have the marketing tools prepared for 2015. Planning is The next step. Having a marketing plan is essential for the success of your business marketing of 2015. Your business should have a detail marketing plan that targets your current target market and includes all the tools previously evaluated and prepared. The more detailed your plan is the easier is to follow and to help you organized. Is start but setting up yearly goals, then monthly goals, weekly goals and if possible daily goals. then the stores to organize your marketing efforts in the same way yearly monthly weekly and daily. Your business marketing plan should be written and scheduled as you will need to refer to it. This is written marketing plan you will help and guide you and your business throughout the entire year. Get a calendar and start writing each marketing effort for each of the 12 month of the year. Keep in mind your business’ high and low seasons, your business’s target market and the products you intend to highlight throughout the year.

If you follow these three simple steps for marketing efforts of 2015, your business will be ready and prepared for the trends of 2015. You would have very good  idea of what your business has done in 2014, you will be prepared with the right tools for 2015 and you will have a plan to guide you throughout the entire year. December is a great month to do all this evaluation, preparation and planning. Start now.