It seems every day there is more evidence to show that your website is an incredible tool for creating interest in your company, enhancing your business reputation, and generating more leads. But just because the tool is valuable doesn’t mean that businesses are using it correctly and truly taking advantage of the great marketing tool a website could be.

If you are not getting the expected results out of your website, maybe is time to evaluate it. Maybe your visitors are not falling in love with your website and consequently with your products or services. Consider asking yourself if your website is really fulfilling your customers’ expectations. The following 5 tips could make a difference on how your customers and visitors see and perceive your business website.


valentines websiteHave Useful Information: We are in the information era. As consumers, we are constantly looking for information, the internet and other technologies help us find it fast and easy. Your customers and target market are, no different. They are using the internet to find information. Having that in mind, then the next step for you is to think about what information is useful for your target market and more importantly for your customers. People get overwhelmed with so much information, therefore, your goal is to offer relevant information to your customers. Aim to stand out by providing reliable and useful information that is going to make difference for your target market. A good place to start could be to think about the typical questions you get from your prospects and customers. Use these questions as a beginning point to have useful information.


Be Clear and To the Point: You have probably come across websites that are not clear on what they offer and what they can do for you. Think about it for a second, ask yourself how interested were you in those companies? Probably, not much.  Do not make that mistake on your website, make it easier for your website visitors to know what is it that you have to offer and what you can do for them. Be clear, tell them the benefit of using your company and how they can get started. Or how they can place an order, buy your products, etc.


Give Them a Reason to Come Back:  In the world today, information gets obsolete very fast. Therefore, it is very important to frequently add new information to your website. Whether it is new products, new services or simply, something interesting to your customers. Give your customers and website visitors a reason to come back. When you have the habit of having new information on your website, creates the expectation of new information, tips, products, services, etc. your audience would be more likely to come back. Additionally, search engines, such as, Google like websites that with fresh and new information. It gives the impression that the company cares about its website and more importantly about its customers. For example, we change our website every month, for February we have hearts falling and we talk about Valentine’s Day, in for the Super Bowl we decorate it with football ball falling. In short, we have some kind of theme on our website to make it more appealing and create expectations to our visitors. Giving them a reason to come back. (Feel free to visit it and see what we do at


Be Visually Engaging: Having a website that is visually appealing and engaging can really make a difference. Take into account this statistic: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. (source: This makes you really think about having enough relevant images to keep your website audience engage and interested. It is not just the images, it is also how professional and appealing your website is to the eyes of your website visitors and customers. Remember, we, as consumers, make fast assumptions about a company solely based on their website.


Think like a customer: What is in it for them:  When creating or writing your website, think about your customers. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself, if I were a customer, would I love this website? Would I purchase from this company? would I hire them? Think about your answers from a customer’s point of view. The way your information is organized and portrayed on your website makes a huge difference on how visitors perceive your business. The tone you use in your text, the images, the distribution of the information, all these aspects are key. Provide a friendly tone that would make your prospect feel welcome and more importantly use a tone that would show them that you understand their needs. Whether it is the perfect shoes for that special occasion, the system that is going to save time to their employees or a lead generator service that is going to bring them more customers. Whatever it is that you are offering, show them that you recognized, know, understand their needs and pains and more importantly that you have what they need.


Personalized Experience: In this time of automated answering systems, generic emails, etc. consumers are giving more a more value to a personalized experience. Make your website visitors feel right at home when they visit your website. For example, for first time visitors, have a welcome video telling them about your business. Let them know what you have what they need when they needed. Let’s take for example,, they know what have you searched for before, what your preferences are, etc. these gives their customers a comfortable feeling that Amazon understands them and knows what they need. But how can you do that? Let’s say you are local store and you want to invite in local residents, as soon as the visitor arrives to your website, your website recognizes where this visitor is located, based on the location it gives them the special invitation you have for people in that area. Or if you have a restaurant, for example, you wouldn’t want to show a dinner menu to someone looking for lunch, or vice versa. These apparently small personalized experiences, could make a difference between just a visitor or getting a new customer.


The next step is to take the time to go your website and look at each one of these tips. Review which ones you are not really following or that you need to improve on. If you are applying all of them, congratulations! However, if you feel that you can implement or improve in some areas by applying some or all of these tips. Do not panic, start small. Jump to the one you believe is the most important and make the necessary changes on that one. Then go to the next and so on. Do not get overwhelmed with the right tools and the right people you can achieve it. If you need help hire an expert. It is worthwhile.



Carolina Duarte

Chief Website Consultant

Co-Founder of QuArte Designs, Inc.  See how we decorated our website this month!