A business needs a MARKETING STRATEGY

QuArte Designs is a marketing consultant boutique in the mission of helping businesses build their brand among their target market.

Marketing Consulting



Being a local business has given QuArte Designs the experience, knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, the needs and challenges of other local businesses and help them create, plan and implement marketing strategies that fit their needs, market and goals.


Our consulting services includes several areas of interest to business like yours:
      •  Website Strategy
      • Online Marketing Plans
        • Email Marketing Campaigns
      • Website Monitoring & improvement based on marketing goals


Addressing the needs of your business and planting the seeds of success


But How Do You Know If You and Your Business Needs a Marketing  Consultant?

It is very simple, if you answer yes to at least 1 of the following questions, you need one!

    • How can I find more customers for my business?
    • Who is my niche? How can I determine who my niche is?
    • What marketing strategy goes according with my business and product?
    • What marketing effort should I concentrate on?
    • Where can I get a good return on investment?
    • I just moved to South Florida, and I don’t understand how marketing works here, it is very different
    • How can I adjust my company to the market in South Florida?

 If you have asked the same or similar questions to the ones above, we know exactly how you feel, marketing a business can be overwhelming. Therefore, this is why we provide companies like yours with the marketing consulting you need.

Our Specialty: 

As a multicultural and multilingual company, QuArte Designs specializes in help foreign companies settle, understand their customers and adjust to the interesting market of South Florida.

Pay-As-You Go Marketing Consulting Packages

    • Starts with 2 hours $225/mo
    • 4 hours $395/mo
    • 6 hours $510/mo
    • 8 hours $575/mo
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Marketing Services That might Interest You:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Email
  • Content Marketing

See our bundle prices


Other areas are:

  • Optimization of process
  • Improvement in efficiency