Promote your business to the right target

Email Campaigns & Newsletters have an amazing return on investment (ROI)

Email CampaignsPromote your business to the right target

Email Campaigns & Newsletters have an amazing return on investment (ROI)

Tell your customers about your new products, new locations, keep them informed about your business. 

Email campaigns and newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and the best part to invite them to purchase from you again. 

Used email campaigns or newsletter for special promotions, product launch, or seasonal. We suggest monthly newsletters to stay in touch with your database of customers.

We also offer the content if you needed. It is provided separately.  

What We Do

For the success of a e-mail campaign

      1. Setup
      2. Creation of Content
      3. Template Adjustment
      4. Campaign Launch
      5. Report
      6. Evaluation Report
      7. Give recommendations
      8. Implement recommendations
      9. Test
      10. Track results
      11. Repeat

Requires a 6 month agreement to start. We also have Pay As You Go


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Why is Email Campaign Effective?

You are promoting directly to past or current customers. The probability of a past or current customer to buy from your business again are much higher. They already know your company, your products or services.

What We Do

Setup: During the setup is necessary for every new client. It is a one time fee that includes many services:

    • Account creation
    • Your customer database upload to email platform
    • Template setup

Content Creation: We offer the option to create the content of the newsletter or email campaign for you. Price varies depending on length and type of newsletter

Template Design: You have the freedom of having a new design for your campaign and adjust it to the needs of your business. For example, if is for the holidays, you can have an email campaign that reflects the promotion you are having.

Campaign Launch: Everything is ready to go we launch the campaign and send it to your entire database of customers

Report:  We send a report a week after the newsletters are sent. This report gives you valuable information such as:

    • Bounced emails
    • Errors on emailing
    • How many opened the email
    • Who opened the emails
    • How many clicked on links on the email (links include website links, social media icons, landing pages, etc.)
    • Who clicked on which links

Report Evaluation: We analyze and evaluate the results of the email campaign or newsletter.

Give Recommendations: Based on the report evaluation, we provide the necessary recommendation for improvements for the following email campaign or newsletter.

Implementation of Recommendations:  One of the most important part of the email campaign or newsletter is to implement the recommendations or improvements so the next campaign have more success.

Test: As part of the improvement, in some cases, we suggest to do a test of certain recommendations. It helps to test the target market with different campaigns.

Track Results: For any marketing effort, it is very important to track results. We provide the service of giving you a report of the results of the email campaign or newsletter. To see how close it was to the goals and expectations.