We provide each one of our clients a personalized experience. We serve them in an individual basis every step of the way.


 calendar-image Before We Start: Before we start working with you we make sure that we are the best fit for you and you are the best fit for us. Our goal is to understand what is it that  you are looking for and we are the best solution for you. We want to make sure that we are perfect for each other.
 website consulting Learning: We learn about your business, its goals and how do you want do differenciate yourself from your competitors. We get to know each other and learn about your business, your expectations, what you are looking for.
 search-guy Research:  We research about your industry, your competitors,
 pen-&-paper  Website Strategy & Online Marketing Consulting: We do website consultation to help you create a marketing tool for your business. We as team with your business create a strategy for your website. Consultation levels varies depending on the website you choose for your business.
 Design:  Based on the information gather and the web package you selected we design & structure a website solution that fits your business.
 design  Prototype: You approve or select the design for your website
 Development of functionality  Developing & Functionality:  Development of the necessary features to your website depending on your business needs
Testing: Website testing to make sure that all the features are working properly
Training: We provide the necessary training to your team on all the functionalities of the website and how to use it.
launch Launching: After all the important information is reviewed, functionalities are tested, your website is ready to be shown to the world. We are ready launch your new website.
 clipboard After Launching: Testing and monitoring of your website’s functionality, we monitor your new website to make sure that everything is working properly.