Low Cost Website vs. Value Website


Learning centerA website is a very valuable marketing tool in the business world. Actually, for many businesses a website is virtually their main way to get customers. If you think about it, from the consumer prospective, what is the main tool you use when looking for a product or service? You probably use the internet, right? What do you based your judgment of a company you might do business with? Is it their website? I believe it is safe to say yes, a company’s website is a very important part of the purchasing decision when consumers are researching for a product or a service online.

Based on the statement above, which many (if not all of you) would agreed on, what makes your clients and future clients different from the other consumers? Would you think they would judge your business website just like you would judge other companies’? The answer in most cases might be yes. It is only natural, we are humans and first impression for us is important. So, we can conclude so far, it is that a website plays an important role in the decision making of many consumers.

Many business owners fall into the tramp of “saving” money when creating a website. They underestimate the real purpose of their business website, which in most cases is, to bring customers, grow their business, etc. As a result, when they are in the process of getting a website, many focus on the “cost of their website” and not the “value of their website”. The differentiation might not be very clear to the naked eye, but it is very simple.  It is safe to say that cost is what you pay for, in this case a website, and value is what it (the website) brings to your business, but this simple phrase does not really cover the importance of this difference.

Your business website should represent your business in a positive way; it should truly show the quality of your products and services. It should create the right expectations from your clients. In brief, it should bring value to your business, not the opposite. When a website accurately portrays a company, shows the right products, has the right information, works properly and invites visitors to purchase; this is when your website is truly bringing value to your business. Part of the value is generating leads, bringing customers, etc. that is the main purpose of a website.

When you are in the process of getting a website for your business, the first thing is to think if you want it as a short term investment or a long term investment. Ask yourself, what is important for your business, how a website would affect your business (positively and negatively), and how many clients it would cost you to break-even the investment of your website. A website is just like any other business investment combine with marketing tools. A good website is never an expense. Many business owners choose the “lower cost, a low cost website” choice, thinking that they are “saving money”. But down the road they realized that their website did not meet the needs of their business or it is affecting their business in a negative way, or maybe it does not portray business properly or it diminishes the quality of their product. At that point, they have, probably, lost sales and they would have to get a website that fits their business. Any marketing effort or marketing tool that brings your business the desire or exceeds the expected return on investment is not expensive, it is valuable and worth it!

To conclude, when getting a new website, it is important to see not only the cost but the value of your website. Also, what it would represent to your business in many aspects such as, product presentation, online image, prestige, quality, reliability, etc. Also take into account, how your business website would be part of your business marketing plan what part of the plan is. Take into account that your customers are consumers and they could use your website as a judgment to decide or not to purchase from your business. Ask yourself: Are you proud of your website? How much value is your website is bringing your business?

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Low Cost Website vs. Value Website
This interesting article gives you information about the value of a website vs the cost of the website. Great for business people who are thinking about getting a website or are not satisfied from the results of their website.