We Take Care Of Your Marketing & Website While You Take Care Of Your Business



How Does it Work?

You just pay for the services when you need them and as you need them . A very simple way to stay on top of the marketing & website of your business as well as your budget.


 Created for business that prefer to get services as the need them



Pay-As-You Go Marketing Consulting Packages

You start with as little as one hour of marketing consulting, however, the more hours you need the more you save. 

Starts at $95 per hour 

Marketing consulting services could be used for:

  • Website Strategy
  • Online Marketing Plans
  • Email Marketing strategies
  • Current marketing plan evaluation
  • Recognizing your business customers
  • Finding a niche
  • Website evaluation as a marketing tool


Pay As You Go Programming & Website Changes

Do you have small changes on your website? or need a small fix on your website? This is when this services come very useful.

Changes on structure or using a CMS $115 per hour

Programming changes $145 per hour

It requires a minimum of 1 hour


Pay-As-You Go Email Campaigns or Newsletter

Needs varies from business to business. Some business just prefer to have a newsletter every season, others every other month or maybe its once in a while.  

Pay per hour as you go for the email campaigns that fits the needs of your business

Hourly rates start at $55 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours, you can do as little or as much on your email campaign. Services for newsletters or email campaigns include:

    • Setup newsletter based on template
    • Basic report
    • Setup newsletter based on template
    • Marketing report
    • Basic report evaluation 
    • Give recommendations based on report
    • Implement recommendations 
    • Track results 

NOTE: Take into account that the first newsletter needs extra time for setup, database upload, template setup, account creation, etc. 


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