What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive WebsitesA responsive website is a website that has been designed to automatically adjust itself to many screen sizes, including regular computers, tablets and smartphones. These are specially designed and created so the layout, information, images and the website in general works properly with the must popular screen sizes of the many devices used today. Important items such as,the menu adjust and changes size accordingly making it easier to navigate for its visitors.

Advantages on using Responsive sites:

    • Easy navigation on your website for your customers
    • Fast load speed
    • Large icons for easy clicking on small screens
    • Search engine friendly
    • Better user experience

You have probably noticed when you visit certain websites from your mobile device that are hard to navigate and you have to zoom-in and have very small and precise fingers in order to make the right selection. These are websites that are not responsive site nor mobile optimized sites making it very hard for its visitors to use the menu, click on the right place, etc. it is proven that when visitors/customers find difficult to navigate a website they just moving to the next company.  To lose customers is an expensive price to pay for not having the right tools for their business.


Do I need a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a basic need for every business. Regardless of the industry and target market. The use of mobile devices such as, tablets (iPads, etc.) and smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) is becoming more and more popular. In the past few years, the increase of the usage of these devices has become very high that its impossible for businesses to ignore.

More a more businesses are learning the importance of having a responsive site. You do not want your clients to go to your competitors because you are not offering a website that is easy to navigate in a mobile device.


Responsive Vs. Regular Website

responsive-imageA regular website is very important to have, however, it is also very important to be at the same speed as technology is moving and a responsive site is a great solution to provide a good navigation experience for users on mobile devices.

Regular websites look great on regular computer screen, they are made for these type of screens. They are good for computer users,  images, menu, text, everything is easy to see and navigate from a large screen. On the other hand, accessed from a mobile device could become very frustrating to navigate, since it is not made to be viewed in a small screen. The menu, images, layout would fit on the small screens, creating frustration and driving customers away.

A responsive website makes it easy for visitors (your prospects or current customers) to navigate from virtually any device, tablet and smartphones. It adjusts the size of text, images, layout and navigation menu to the corresponding screen size of the device. The advantage of having a responsive website is that it allows your business to also target and not lose customers who are accessing your website using these devices.

In the past few years, the search online using mobile devices (tablets, iPads, iPhones, Galaxy, etc) has increased tremendously. More and more people are using these devices to look for products and services online. People also use these devices to research businesses on the go. For example, when researching for a place to eat, a store to buy or any other products or services offer by local businesses.They use their mobile device for find them on the go. Its important to keep in mind that 93% of people who mobile to research go on to make a purchase* 

It is important to have a responsive site that makes it easier for your customers to navigate. If they come across a website that is not a responsive website, they have a hard time to navigate forcing them to move to the next company and unfortunately that next company could be your competitors. In this rapid moving world, people are looking for companies that allows them to find what their looking for within minutes in some cases even in seconds. Unfortunately, if they are using a mobile device, a regular website does not provide this easiness to find what they are looking for.


Responsive Vs. Mobile Site

restaurant-mobile-siteA responsive website has most of the time the same information as the desktop website version but it is organize in a way that its easy to navigate on the small screen of mobile devices. However, the behavior and the purpose of the visitor ( your prospect or current customer) its not always the same when the search is done on a desktop than on a mobile device. Therefore, it is important to take this into account. For some companies having a responsive website could be enough, their visitors only require certain information and it could be provided through a responsive website .However, for other companies a responsive site is just not enough, this is when a mobile site is the best option. In other cases, companies are nto ready to get their main website completely redesigned, but, they still want to make it easier for their customers to navigate their website, then a mobile site could be the best option.

A mobile site gives you the freedom to create a design & specific features exclusively for prospects & current customers that are looking for your products/services from a mobile device. For example, a restaurant, when customers look for a restaurant, most of the time they are interested in visiting it within the next hour (55% of consumers using mobile to research, want to purchase within the next hour*) A mobile site provides them that specific information they are looking for to visit that restaurant. Such information might include, menu, location with directions, phone and reviews. Other examples include, bars, hair salons, spas, retail stores, local businesses, and many other industries that have a store front and expect customers to walk-in.


What option works best for your business? Not sure? Receive a complimentary consultation to see what is best for your business a mobile site or a responsive website

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