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Semi custom website is not only a online presence, it is a lead generator and key element for your marketing strategy.  

Semi Custom Website design is created with your business in mind. This semi custom design integrates your business identity, its marketing strategy and your target market, creating a lead generation website. Specially designed for businesses that have their target market as a priority and need special functionalities to increase sales, capture customers or promote products. For example, appointment setting, ecommerce, product demos, etc. 

If you want a professionally looking website that truly portrays your business on the online world; a semi custom website design could be the best option for your business.  

This semi custom made website is a great way for your business to have a professional web presence. This is an excellent solution for the many business owners, like you, who understand and see the value of the marketing tool behind a website.

It is a combination of our knowledge and experience of our team of website experts that creates an ideal marketing tool for your business.

We combine on this lead generator website knowledge of marketing and programming to create a user-friendly 

How do you know if Semi Custom Website is the best solution for you?

Well, if you answer yes to most of the following questions, then a semi custom level website could be your the best option:

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      1. You are  serious about your business
      2. Your business is interested in updating/redesigning their website. 
      3. Your website is key for your marketing strategy
      4. Budget is NOT your main concern
      5. You have a limited budget of at least $3,000
      6. You do NOT want to have your own template 
      7. You want a website with a semi custom design that really portrays what your business is about.
      8. You need a website specific functionalities such as, reservations, event creation, appointment set up, etc.
      9. You need an ecommerce website ( see ecommerce for more details)
      10. You want your website where you would be able to make significant improvements and additional features in the future
This option of semi custom website is best described as a rebranded website, it truly portrays your business in all its extensions and  more importantly is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Just like all our websites, you have the flexibility to change the content of your website at any time, you can add the images, photos and any text that you consider necessary. Additionally, the semi custom website includes features such as ecommerce, appointment setting, reservations, integration with social media and other important directories (Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
Brain storming, design, programming, structural thinking, strategic marketing and more are part of the areas we take in account when creating your design. Your semi custom design is in fact a vital part of your marketing strategy and we make sure is well aligned with your overall marketing plan.

What is Included on This Package:

      1. Integration and configuration of all functionalities, databases, etc.
      2. Integration of social media, directories and blog, if any
      3. Up to 2 hours of website, strategy & marketing consulting
      4. Email support for 30 days
      5. Up to 2 hours of telephone support
      6. Semi custom professional website design
      7. Special pricing on our hosting services for your website
      8. Simple & complex functionalities, varies depending on specific needs.
      9. Content Management system, gives you the flexibility to make changes on your website at any time
      10. up to 5-hours training
      11. Up to 20 pages (additional pages can be added at a small fee) ( ecommerce pages varies)


Starting at $3,000 up to $20,000
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How Does Semi Custom Level Website Work?

We work as team with you and your business. Our goal is to ensure that we learn enough about your business to create the semi custom design that truly portrays your business in all its aspects. Your website would be based on your target market and with your customers and the users of your website in mind.

Research of your business
Research & Learning: 

We do a profound research of your industry, your competitors, your current marketing strategy, your marketing plan, your expectations, your sales goals and your target customers. It is very important to make your website a marketing tool for your business. We also learn about your business and how you would like to portray your image in the online world.

 website consulting
Semi-Custom Website, Strategy & Online Marketing Consulting: 

We walk with you every step of the way. We assigned you a dedicated website expert who would be in charge of  your project and would be the bridge of communication between our team and your business. During the initial phase of the project we brainstorm with you and your team on the best website solutions for your business, the best strategy, the website that truly fulfill your business needs. We take in account your marketing strategy, your target market, advice you, our research based on all this inforamtion our team of experts decide the website solution that best fits your business needs.

Semi Custom Website Architecture:

After the selection of the Semi custom website design is finalized and approved by you. Our team and your team determine the necessary functionality and features that would serve and fit the needs of your business. Functions such as, ecommerce, ordering placement, appointment setting, member subscription, etc. All these functions are tailor to your business. We evaluate and analyze them to make sure that fit the truly needs of your business.  After all the consulting, selection, setup, marketing research, study about your company. We have all the necessary tools to finalize an amazing semi custom level web presence for your business.

Development of functionality
Programming & Development of your Semi Custom Website:

We do all the programming, construction, testing of every single function, feature and structure of your semi custom website.  We integrate your content, images, social media, blog and other special features depending on your website. Including any additional features or funtionalities that your business requires.

Launch your Semi Custom Website: 

We have After you entered all the important information about your business, you are ready launch your semi custom website and show it to the world.


Personalized Training: 

We provide you with 3-hour training and additional training videos so its easier for you to get familiar with the system  to manage your website.  We also include free email support for 30 days after the website is launched.

Remember that you can upgrade at any moment. As your business grows, if you feel that the semi custom level website does not 
longer fit your needs, consult your website design & marketing expert, this person would guide on what is the next step to take.


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