Your Website Could Be Working Against You

Top 5 questions you can ask yourself about your business website

Your website could be working against you

Your business website is a very important marketing tool for your company. In many cases, it is the only interaction potential customers have with your business. Therefore, it is safe to say, that it is the storefront of your business. It is very important that its design in such a way that it works FOR your business and NOT against it. Simple details could make a huge difference on how potential customers see and buy from your business. You should ask yourself the next 5 questions and see if your website is working for or against your business:

1)      Does it look professional?

Most consumers based their decision on the impression a website causes them to make the decision of buying or not from that business. You, as a consumer, maybe feel identified yourself when researching a company before making a purchase. A professionally looking website, makes a difference vs. an unprofessionally website? Which one would you choose when making a decision? Would a professionally looking website make that company more reliable? In most cases, it does make a difference. Usually people use their senses as part of the decision making process, visuals are very important.   Therefore, your company’s business card, website and marketing materials are key part for your potential customers to choose you instead of your competitors. A website that is not professionally designed and not truly portrays your business, could work against your business and not give it the image you would like to show.


2)      Are You Proud of It?

Having a website that you can be proud of is very important. There are many company owners who are not proud of their website. You have probably heard some people say, that their website is not completed, it not finished and therefore they are not proud of their website. It’s important to keep in mind that a website is a big part of your business marketing plan and very important selling tool. A website is a sales person that represents and works for your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. As a representative of your business, it should be professional and you should be proud of it. A website that does not make you proud, could be a sign that it is working against your business and hurting it instead of helping it.


3)      Is it visible in mobile device?

Mobile devices such as, smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular every day. Statistics show that mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010, making it essential for a business to have a website that is visible and easy to navigate on a mobile device. As internet user, you probably have noticed some pages that are not visible or easy to navigate on mobile device. Consumers do not take the time to navigate a page especially on a mobile device where they have to zoom in to click on the menu. Unfortunately, visitors would just simply move to the next company, your competitor. Many older websites were created with technologies that are currently not supported by mobile devices. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your business website is visible and easy to navigate in a mobile device. It is important to do an evaluation of your website to see how your potential customers are seen it on a mobile device. No having a mobile optimized website could negatively affect your business, because a no mobile optimized website could drive mobile customers away and work against you.

4)      Is it Providing Valuable Information?

We are currently on the information era, which on your business website means content is king. Providing your potential customers valuable information is very important, for 3 important reasons. First of all, your business is seen as an expert in your industry. Second, you give your potential customers a reason to come back to your website and use it as a consulting tool. Last but not least, having relevant content could help your business website to rank higher on the search engines such as Google and Bing. If you have old and irrelevant information on your website, it could definitely work against you and diminish your website and eventually your business’ image. Old information, for example, gives the impression that you are not taking care and updating your website and probably your business. Having no relevant information could cause your website to not rank high on the search engines. Evaluate your website and see how much information is providing to your potential customers.


Take some time to really answer these questions and evaluate how your website is affecting your business, if it is working for your business or against it. Look at your website form your customers prospective and make an evaluation of it. You can also take advantage of a free website evaluation that is going to give you valuable information about your website and help you answer the real question: Is your website working against your business? If you are not sure about your answers get a free website evaluation 



Author: Carolina Duarte, Chief Marketing & Web Consultant